The Strugglez of Waiting For Someone

Words cannot even describe how frustrating and annoying it is to wait. Being as impatient is I am, it’ 3 times as worse. I’ll literally drive my self crazy because I absolutely hate waiting for people. One of the worst things to wait for are things that take time. And I’m not talking about a few hours of time. I mean weeks, maybe months, could be even yearEmptyHourglass.jpgs waiting on someone. Giving something time to happen rather than just jumping on it and trying to make it happen quicker takes self restraint and ALOT of patience, patience that I’m not even sure I’ll have. It’s especially really annoying when that person has already given you a taste of what they’ve got and then they make you wait for them. Meanwhile, they are still figuring out what they want to do with their life and you’re teetering back and forth in a corner like a freaking addict. This is something called feening. download.png

Lord, how I’ve feened for this person. Ever since he gave me a dose of himself, I’ve been a junky. I will really go out of my way so that I can get that feeling again. That feeling that he gave to me that I haven’t felt in so long. I miss that feeling. That feeling makes me feel warm and loved inside. It makes me feel special. Makes me wanna jump through hoops and hike the tallest mountain so that I can get that feeling back. For just a moment I thought that I had found my true love. I thought this kind of person was only found in movies.

People always know me as being melo-dramatic. I freak out over things that in the end are usually never that serious. But as of now I am stressing. I’m stressing, feening, craving, STARVING! All for just the attention of one boy. Yes, a boy. But only this boy is one of a kind. He knows what he wants in a girl already and he’s only 14. He’s younger than me but he is just so mature and physically developed that you wouldn’t even think he’s as young as he is. He is such a gentlemen and he’s a mamas boy. Maaaaan, I have never met a dude that loves and appreciates his mama like he does. I don’t meet a lot of dudes like that. I’ve never had a dude hold the door for me, lend me their hand to stand up, let me walk in front of them, buy me clothes, pay for my food, listen to me, look me in the eyes when I’m talking, give me their jaoriginal_etched-apothecary-bottle-love-potion-no9.jpgcket when I’m cold. I mean, he’s done so many things and it’s not like he was just trying to impress me. That is how he is with girls all the time. He respects women. This doesn’t mean he is a punk though, he will whoop your ass if you push him. He’s not soft, just kind and gentle. He not just gon let a girl (or anybody really) walk all over him. He is just, perfect in every thinkable way. Yes, he has flaws but I feel like his imperfections only make him more perfect. The fact that he’s really attractive puts the icing on the cake. Usually when I think boys are attractive, they think they are too and they be feelin
themselves and be the biggest douche bags. But this dude is nothing like that. He’s looking for a girl to treat him like a king, and he wants to treat his girl like a queen. Put her on a pedestal, buy her chocolates and take care of her when she’s on her period, buy flowers for her. He’s so sweet it almost makes me uncomfortable because like I said, nobody has ever done anything like that with me. You don’t have to ask him to do these things because he just knows to do them. That’s all I really want in life right now is someone that I can take care of that will always take care of me and love me. I want a high school sweetheart dammit. I want someone that I can grow with and that can make me better. I want to love someone again! Or maybe not again.. whatever I don’t care I want love 🙂

Now the problem here is that he has a girl. After he done junked me up and fed me all these potions he has a freaking girl. What the hell. This is the part where the glass shatters in movies and the record stops playing and the petite lady playing the harp has a stroke and the town is burning down and all hell breaks loose.  Everything up until this point was going so well. I thought this would be my mans. Hell nah. I swear on everything I’m my own cock blocker. He thought that I like his friend. He told his mom that I kept babbling about his friend and I didn’t even realize I was doing that. All of a sudden he falls back and gives the other girl a chance and I’m sitting here like a hopeless addict. Oh how I wish that I wouldn’t have blown it. For some reason I always feel the need to talk about other boys in front of other boys. And my dumbass will just never get it! Now I’m mad at my decisions and I wish that I would have just shown that I ONLY had interest in him because no boy is gonna wanna hear that the girl he likes finds someone else attractive or interesting.

Because of my carelessness and inability to think about how my words are going to sink in with others, I am now receiving no type of attention at all and it is super frustrating to know that another girl is getting the attention that is supposed to be MINE! Ugh! wlngfsbgjkfghnbfdmv. His mom is telling me to stop stressing and looking for his attention. She said that I should work on building a friendship with him first so that no girl or boy could really ever come between that. She also said that we always find what we’ve been trying so hard to look for when we stop looking for it. When we go crazy looking for the remote, we always find it when we aren’t looking for it. But damn, like forreal? Now I have to freaking wait for them to breakup and then wait some more for him to get over her after they break up?! The only time he will break up with her is if she messes up and from the looks of it, shawty not goin nowhere. Is he worth the wait? Hell yea? Do I have the patience? Nah. But I’ma just tough it out because I really want him and I truly do believe he is one of a kind. I would be a homewrecker but he don’t like crazy girls. Wonder how that will work out because I’m one of the crazy ones. lol but for all I know right now, he’s winning! 🙂


Strugglez of being boy crazy/ cravings for “pleasurable things” (continued)

I DO NOT CARE IF YOU WON’T ADMIT IT! YOU ARE! Don’t worry this post is not to criticize or shame you. This post is actually to encourage you to embrace your boy craziness! Do not think of it as a flaw, but as a powerful energy that should be used with care. There is nothing wrong with it because every girl lowkey gets hype when a boy wants to talk to them. In some cases like mine.. It can be extremeley HIGHKEY. But no matter if you can hide it or not, it is alright. I’m here to assure you, that you are not alone in having “urges” to want to do things with boys. It happens. ALOT. More often than you may think. You are not the only one that thinks about sex, wonders about your first time (or your second.. lol). I don’t really care about what your parents or anyone else tries to tell you about boys OR sex.

There are some things that should be taken to account about boys. If YOU are thinking about sex, they DEFINETLY are. Even if you aren’t thinking about it, they will ALWAYS think about it. I’m here to keep it real. When a boy see’s an attractive girl, they are going to think about f*cking her. It’s in their nature.. our nature as human beings to want to be loved and pleasured. Don’t let anybody tell you that sex is disgusting, unladylike, bad, or any other opinions that may make you second guess what YOU want.

Now… I am NOT saying that this means that you should just have sex with a boy because you’re horny and you think they’re cute and it’s what you want. However, I’m not saying that you should just turn down the option because someone has told you that you are too young or that it’s unladylike. The only time sex will EVER become unladylike is if you don’t have enough respect for yourself to turn it down and you just end up f*cking any boy that turns you on. That is when, and only when it becomes unladylike or disgusting because you do not know where that boy has been, what he’s got, what he plans to do after it’s over. etc. Having sex is not a bad thing, but it is nothing to play with. Always be aware of the consequences that come with sex. Educate yourself. Be smart about your decisions.


Just because you say you are going to use contraception does not mean that you can’t catch something or turn up preganant. Did you know that condoms can expire? Did you know that you are not supposed to put the condom all the way on? You’re supposed to leave some room because the friction between the penis and the vagina will cause it to break if it’s all the way on. These are only a couple facts that you should know among several others. Like I said, we all like the idea of sex (some may feel uncomfortable) but we atleast think about it from time to time. BUT! Make sure you know what you are doing. You should know enough about it to at the least be aware of the risks and possible outcomes. Birth control is another form of contraception that people like to use. Personally, I would prefer to use the pill because I feel like condoms take away the real experience and sensation. But when you use the pill, once again be aware of the consequences. Birth control pills make you bloated and tinker with your hormones. They can also throw off your pH balance. Unbalanced pH causes that fishy smell that everybody fears. You don’t want that. I cannot stress it enough.. educate yourself.

Respect and Value yourself:
Like I said earlier, there is nothing nasty or unladylike about it. Trust me if your parents really thought that you would not be here. When I say to respect and value yourself, this means giving yourself a choice. You can always say no if you’re not feeling it. You can say no if you simply just want to wait. Give yourself a choice and make the decision that you are most okay with. Don’t feel like you have to have sex with your boyfriend to get them to stay with you. You are worth wayyyy more than that. Sadly, most boys won’t realize that until they are older. By the way, if your boyfriend ever gives you the ulitmatum “either you have sex with me or I break up with you” or “show me a lil sum.. come on stop playing games”. Don’t feel bad at all if you don’t give them what they want. It will only show that you are strong enough to resist coercion. It’s hard.. yes I know. You’ll also enjoy your experience alot more when you don’t feel like you are being forced. I’ve been in situations as such and there are times when I HAVE made decisions to please the other person. Just know always do it for you because it’s not really about what they want. Remember, you are a girl. Slay as you should. YOU ARE POPPIN EVEN IF HE GET MAD HE AIN’T GETTIN NUN!!

Know who you are having sex with:

Boys will do a girl soooo dirty no matter what they have to offer or how pretty they are. Sorry to say, but there are some dudes that are just dogs. Avoid those types of boys. They will try to sweet talk you into having sex with them. They might try to make you feel bad for them or about yourself as a way to coerce you to give it up. Acknowledge the fact that you not giving it up to a dude like this shows strength because if they can’t get it from you, they have a whole checklist of other girls that WILL give it up. Don’t be fooled by the looks! You should always have somewhat a relationship and understanding of the person your dealing with. If you hear rumors that he “hits and quits” don’t think that you will change him. EVER. I know girls like to think they are different, but really you aren’t theirs. It’s just your turn, because after he gets what he wants from you he’ll move on. Your just another “hoe on his checklist” (your not a hoe it’s from a song). Of course, you can date them. But don’t get mad if he dumps you after y’all have sex. Thats all 🙂 A guy will really value a girl that has respect for herself. They’ll treat you like candy and put you on a pedastal.


That’s pretty much it for this post. Of course, do your own research. Use your better judgement when making decisions. Do not let the information you find scare you or turn you off from sex, but just be aware. Leave comments and thank you! 🙂

*In case you were wondering where that line came from this is the song. I will warn you, there is a lot of explicit language.*

The Strugglez of Being Boy Crazy/ Cravings for… “pleasurable things”


Whether you would like to admit it or not, you are boy crazy. Don’t even try to deny it because there is nothing to be ashamed of. Being boy crazy is in a teengirl’s DNA. I mean we can’t really help it… boys are cute. When we see someone who we find aesthetically appealing, we immediately find ourselves attracted to them. However, some girls are more boy crazy than others. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a bad thing to just be so in love with these boys. I also wonder what it is about them that we find so attractive. It’s obviously not their maturity level because these freshmen boys are really wild. But maybe it could be the way they dress? Smile? Walk? This will probably always remain a mystery.

I’ve recently been told that I’m boy crazy. I was like “duh?” but the part that’s bothering me is my actions around boys. Sometimes when I’m around (we’ll call ’em thots) I start to act like one. I mean could you blame me? There is nobody stopping me because in the moment we are ALL acting like a bunch of thirsties. Whenever this happens I never realize what I’m actually doing until after the fact. It honestly really scares me because it makes me question how many times I’ve acted thirsty when there was noone there to stop me. If you don’t already know me, I have a serious problem with looking bad… especially if I’M the one causing it. Self control has always been one of my issues.

The other thing I was told is that if I remain boy crazy, I might end up being one of those pregnant teens. This really made me think about life. I never pictured myself giving it up to just anyone without protection. My stubborness would never let me get that far. Sure, I could be talked into things but when it somes to things like sex, I always say no. Sometimes it’s actually hard to believe that I could even have sex at my age if I wanted to. The worst part is that it’s not even hard to get it because this is the generation where people are just f***in just to f***. It scares me that I could easily end up like those people if I don’t watch myself. My body is a temple and I don’t want just anyone to enter. I also feel that being a virgin symbolizes strength because sex can be a really tough thing to resist, especially if you really like the person and WANT to have it. These days, a girl is automatically a hoe if they perform in sexual activity. Personall15684573.gify, I don’t even think sex is really a bad thing. I actually feel like it’s one of the best things on earth (this is not suggesting that I’m not a virgin). The only thing that I’m scared of about sex is if I have a boyfriend and I wanted to try it oneday, I might become a junkie. Yikeesss. That’s exactly what I DON’T want. I’ve been a junkie to things that weren’t sex, so I KNOW that becoming a junkie to sex will be one of the worst addictions I’ve had so far. My v-card is very important to me. It shows me and other people that I have not been touched. I’M FRESH. NEW. PURE.

This blog was just meant to explain my strugglez. Next week, I’ll post advice on how to dodge boys and sex if it ever comes to that point. I’ll also give advice on what to do and what not to do when you’re boy crazy.


The Strugglez of wanting someone who’s taken

Never have I ever desired someone soooo unavailable… until now 😦 It’s also very annoying because I know he can do better. HE CAN DO ME!! He lowkey wants me.. just wait on it..

This person’s name is nutter butter. No. That’s not their actual name but that’s the name that was given to
him by yours truly. He is surprisingly very accepting of this name. He looks just like a peanut butter cracker ❤ ❤ and his smile is just sooooo… lawwdddd. Then his eyes twF40-4209603-9000bginkle when he smiles and it pleases my soul. I thank god… 1. for even blessing me with the presence of someone so aesthetically appealing 😉 2. He actually TALKS to me and he breathes in my direction. The only thing god failed to do is give me a sign earlier in the school year that this person was into me. This person found me attractive and was up for conversation.. but I was blind and I couldn’t realize he was attempting to pursue a princess. (me duh!) Unfortunately, I’m 2 months too late because he is taken. I mean I could always charm him and get him to leave her for me, but I’ve decided not to put in all the work. I’ll just take him indirectly; let him come to me because I know he will at some point anyways. I’m praying everyday that their relationship that was never meant to be will come to a rightful end!!!! It shall perish!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

And soooo…. reasons why me make the perfect match12407510_1674129299536068_209861812_n.jpg:

  1. I meaaaaannn… 2 attractive people duhhhh
  2. He likes girls with a great sense of humor *check*
  3. He likes girls that can hold a conversation *checkeroo*
  4. He likes girls with a nice smile *cheeee… yea no. but get riiggghtt when these braces come off!!*
  5. We like to make money (because I’m all about the money)
  6. He wants a girl with a nice body *check*
  7. We just look so cute together     likeeeeee!! AHHH! It’s destiny…

But yea.. his girlfriend is like the complete opposite y’all! Me and Nutter Butter can be like Bonnie and Clyde! But we must do something about this.. female. Hmmmmm

Recommendations: Okayy guys I’m a little loopy in the mind so uhhh… do not try to take someone elses man. UNLESS YOU ARE ME! Nah, I’m just kiddindont-keep-calm-because-he-texted-me-backg I ain’t nobody to be above anyone. But I seriously don’t recommend it…. UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE ONE AND HIM AND HER ARE NOT MEANT BE! Forget this recommendation. I’m gonna do it so let’s all do it! 🙂 Ladies, it is a new era. And it is called TYM! (take yo MAN!) And remember… you are NOT wrong for taking him and leaving the other girl lonely. He was meant to be with you and that is why you took him… that was why he left because he knew. HE KNEW. He knew…

So, the next time you even think about getting a conscience just know. that. You went after what you wanted and you got it. Don’t be ashamed. Ain’t no shame in the game!

P.S. Do NOT take this blog seriously. Do not fear that I will take your man.. well.. yikes! But do what you want. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with either choic; whether you take him from her or just let it rock.


The strugglez of being fed up

Right now, I don’t know what the hell I feel. I’m just done. I’m tired of letting people walk all over me, tired of acting like I’m all happy, tired of acting like everything is okay. Hell, I’m tired of feeling unappreciated damn it. The fact that I’m so nice to people and they just slap me in my face hurts. It makes me feel weak when I take all the blows that people throw at me. I  just want to hide in a corner in cry. But when I cry, I feel like I’m being over dramatic. Almost as if I’m not allowed to. Many times, I tend to ignore things that I shouldn’t ignore or hold on to people that don’t really care about me. I tend to push people away that are trying to help me. I’m just so messed up that when people question me I feel as if they are trying to attack. That’s just how I think, I immediately get defensive and I give them an attitude.

Right now, I’m just confused because I don’t know how I should feel about things. If I get my feelings hurt I just feel like I’m being too sensitive. That used to be the problem. I always took things to the head even if someone was joking. Now, I ignore a lot of jokes but sometimes if a joke hurts my feelings, I’ll often act like nothing happened. Maybe I’m being passive aggressive, but I don’t know. For the most part, I’m always happy and giggly. But there’s just those days… the days when I feel really poopy and antisocial. I don’t know how to deal with my emotions and I usually take it out on myself or on other objects. I don’t know.. that’s just me and right now I’m not feeling very inspirational. I feel like I talk about myself a lot but at the same time, there is a lot that I don’t let out. I’m like a bottle that wants to explode.


My emotional strugglez

Unbreak-My-Heart   It’s hard for me to keep my head up sometimes when my emotions are constantly bouncing off the wall. Sometimes, it seems like there is almost no point in staying positive. I cry to let all my anger, frustration, despair, and all my other emotions free. I usually let it build up before I release though.

Ever since the day that my “ex” called me a hoe, we have completely stopped communicating. It really sucks to know that I’m the ONLY person that he does not want to talk to. I look at other people having so much fun being around him… just like how it used to be with me. I see him enjoying his life WITHOUT me. It’s very painful to look at because every time I see it I get flashbacks. I remember when he used to smile at ME like that, when he used get on MY nerves like that, when he used to have conversations with ME like that. There are so many things I could reminisce about. Sometimes I even laugh out loud remembering moments with him. The simple things seem to bring me the most joy. The happiest moments with him bring me the most pain. Every time I talk to someone about this, I always hear the same exact thing: “Oh, there’s other people out there”, “You’re too pretty to be worrying about him”, “Just move on…”, “How are you still stuck on him?”, “He ain’t sh**”, “He can be replaced so easily”, and blah blah bleep bloop blab. Well how could they understand? They don’t know the feelings that come with this situation. How could I possibly replace someone who has been there my whole life? That was my only best guy friend ever. He was special to me. I felt special that he even wanted to talk to me back then. He just had so much charisma and everybody loved him. We had so much in common and we could talk forever. If we never dated, this probably would have never happened.

I don’t really know what hurts more: the fact that he ignores my existence entirely, or the thought that he probably doesn’t even miss our past or even think about me. Sometimes I feel likevalued our friendship more than he did. I miss him so much I could I cry. It’s crazy how everything could change in such a short period of time. It’s also crazy that I see him every single day and I can’t even smile at him. He can’t even laugh at me when I do something stupid. I feel as if there is something missing, something that was supposed to be there till the end. The same person who always brought me happiness is the same person who hurt me the most. It hurts so bad that I feel my heart jump sometimes. Why did it all have to go SOOO wrong? They say everything happens for a reason, or they say to take it as a lesson. Well, that’s some pretty f***ed up lesson to learn. Why did I have to lose someone important to me to learn a “lesson”? Moving on from this has been so hard.

   On top of all this…. OMG!!!!!!!!!! People just love to play with my emotions. His friend comes up to me at lunch while I’m trying so hard to pretend he’s not even there. She says, “Oh, (blank) likes you”. I didn’t even want to get my hopes up. Of course, I have mixed feelings for him. I have the feelings that never really died from our relationship and the feelings that remain from a lost friendship as well. I told her, “don’t make me kill myself please”. She says “What?! I’m dead serious he just told me he likes you”. Like why? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why?! At this point I’m in the bathroom with my friend freaking out. I don’t know what to feel. Of course I would love to get back to the swing of things, but to completely ignore how he treated me is just insane! This only happened yesterday. I still don’t know what to believe. This has happened before. Two weeks prior to when he called me a hoe, he told me he loved me. I believed him… and then he hurt me. So whether or not what his friend (also my friend) told me is actually true, either way he is still playing with me.

 sometimes-its-better-to-keep-silent-than-to-tell-others-what-you-feel-quote-1  Anyways, I’m in my feelings and I didn’t have many other topics to write about this week. I figured, why not write about what’s going on in my life? But I’m really upset and very few people can understand the confusion and mix of emotions that I feel. I just want to give up. Like, I really want to not care about him sometimes. I’m never going to get over him. I’m too attached and I’m not ready to let go.

The Strugglez of Fitting in/ Making Friends


Let’s take a moment to think about this. The story of the geeky, new girl that tries to fit in with the “popular crew”. A bit cliche if you ask me. In some cases, this is realistic. But why do people always make it seem like people trying to fit in are soooo different? I feel like people are excluded anyways. It’s not necessarily the geeky, new girl against the “popular crew” but it’s also people that just simply are excluded. Now, not all groups will exclude others, but there are a handful that do. They form their little cliques and then everybody else is basically an outsider.

I personally know what it feels like to be an outsider. In the 6th grade,12135402_955636837850542_213363809_n I was so shy. I always had a wall up and I found it very hard to make friends or hangout. People made fun of me because of the way I dressed. I used to have dreads and they made fun of my hair because it was different. Kids called me names like “Chief Keef” or “Bob Marley”. I didn’t even know who Chief Keef was at that time to be honest. I never thought there was anything wrong with me. I went through this whole phase of trying to fit in and boy was it hell. In 6th grade I was the nerdy girl that cried when her grade went down. People constantly called me ugly and picked on me for being weird and studious. Come 7th grade I decided I would change myself completely. In my head, I thought this would change peoples views of me. I was the class clown, constantly felt the need to prove something, I always got in trouble, I got loud, I took my dreads out because I was tired of being made fun of, I broke the rules, I started wearing makeup, I started dressing different. All because of the insults that I would get I felt like I needed to please other people. I changed myself, not for me.. but for the acceptance of my peers. In the 8th grade, I got more comfortable with being me.. but in the back of my head I was thinking “I gotta look better and dress better so these people will pay attention to me”. The 8th grade made me more vain (lol) but at the same I was embracing the true me. People thought I was funny and I didn’t have to pretend to be an idiot for them to see that. I didn’t have to break rules or be a follower for people to like me. I was still working on myself though. Other peoples’ opinions were way too important to me and I realized that’s what was hurting me the most. I still felt the need to prove to everyone else that I’m not that girl I was in 6th grade. My ex, (the one that I talked about in my first blog) motivated me the most to love and embrace who I am. Every time I wanted to call myself ugly or put myself down, I always thought to myself “He thinks I am beautiful the way I am and that’s all that should matter”. To this day, I rarely ever think bad thoughts about myself. Sometimes I still use him as a motivation to go harder and be the best me I can be even though we don’t talk anymore.

Okayyy, so that last paragraph got a bit off topic. But anyways, anybody who is struggling to find themselves, fit in with a certain group, or simply just making friends really shouldn’t even stress it. Take it from someone who has been there. True happiness comes from within and trying to get others to like you is not the right way to achieve happiness.

Here are some do’s and don’ts if you have these strugglez…

1.) People love confidence. If you find yourself struggling to make friends, it will get soo much better. But you can’t hang your head low. Walk and talk with confidence. Keep in mind though, pride and confidence are very different.

2.) Try putting yourself out there more (not too much though, that can be bad.. lol). If you come out of your shell and show more of your personality, people will naturally gravitate towards you. This also helps you build more charisma. (Charisma is a charm that one has that attracts people to them) It’s all about letting people in, risking the chances of being hurt or rejected.

3.) Talking about people (especially behind their back) is not a good way to make friends or get anywhere period. We all gossip, but if you are constantly bumping your gums, you might just say something to the wrong person and end up in a terrible situation.

4.) Don’t tell people’s business. This is an absolute no-no. You may just lose a real friend over something like this. This is a major deal breaker when it comes to making friends.

5.) Don’t be petty. You know what, you can be petty but realize that being petty is childish and most people just won’t deal. They’ll put an end to it before you’ll get any satisfaction.

6.) Don’t be obnoxious. It’s okay to crack a few jokes here and there, but it becomes annoying if you are constantly trying to make someone laugh. It starts to become unfunny.

7.) Don’t push peoples’ buttons. You may think it’s funny and all to get a rise out of someone, but you don’t know what that person is capable of. Yikes. Trust me, you don’t want that..

8.) Don’t lie. Why? Because… for why? Just kidding, but there really is no need. If people catch you in your lies, it will only make them question who you really are and the goal is to have them see the true you.

9.) Don’t gas the situations. We’ve probably all done this before.. but try to avoid this as much as possible. If you purposely gas a situation, you are putting your self in the situation. This is definitely not a good idea if you have nothing to do with the drama. People are going to look for the one who gassed it and and point fingers at you. I personally know people who have done this and they are the most hated people in their school. You might have people coming for your head. It’s okay to love drama, but you can love it from a distance.. lol.

10.) Don’t complain. I’m not even going to lie.. I complain a lot. But complaining really gets in the way when someone is trying to enjoy themselves. If you do it too much, someone WILL call you out. You may not like the activity, but you should at least allow your friends (or people you want to make friends with) to enjoy themselves.

11.) Be friendly. Being mean gets you no where. Nobody will want to talk to you because they’ll think your a jerk. Never go for the weak-link because that is a poor reflection of character.

12.) Don’t be rude. Even if you don’t like the person, this shows people that you are just…. RUDE. Nobody likes rude people. They will talk about you, exclude you, and may even be rude back.

13.) Just go up and talk to them! What the hell are you waiting for?! If you are interested in talking to this person or these people, there is nothing holding you back! Talk. Get to know them. Allow them to get to know you. Plan dates to hangout. Sit with them at lunch. GO AND GET IT!!!

14.) Don’t look for attention. When you purposely try to make everything about you, people honestly just won’t want to be around you. Why? Because you’re always taking the spotlight! It’s not always about you.

15.) If you dish it, you gotta know how to take it. Don’t run your mouth and not expect consequences. If you want to talk big, don’t be surprised when that person is in your face ready to throw down.

16.) EMBRACE YOURSELF!!!! You will never be happy trying to make others happy. You have to make yourself happy first. Believe me, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel if you are only trying to impress others.


**Just to address the fact.. this is not just a struggle for girls, guys have this struggle also. If you are someone who tends to exclude people, stop doing that because those people take it as a really harsh reflection of themselves.**

I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not

Body Strugglez


Society has a really big impact on how some people feel about themselves. It has impacted the prejudice of people as well. There are so many things that people feel that they need to have or so many people think that they have to look a certain way. Girls especially have these struggles. A lot of girls deal with the struggle to have “the perfect body”, but what is the perfect body? As girls, we will never be satisfied with our bodies. It’s not even our fault. The people who put so much emphasis on having curves, wide hips, flat bellies, thick thighs, big butts, and thin waist are the ones who make us feel that we need to have “perfect bodies”. The truth is, not everyone is born with all those features… AND THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE!! But even knowing that, girls will still prefer to dislike their bodies and would rather have the body of the girl in their math class. Honestly, I still have my own body struggles. Yeah, I want a flatter stomach and wider hips but at the same time I like my body. There are girls that will look in the mirror and point out everything they don’t like about their bodies. What those girls should really do is say to themselves “I love my body, my body is unique”. And everybody’s body is unique. Nobody’s body is exactly like. That’s what makes us different. Yes, we can admire other girls’ bodies and love our bodies at the same time. If you are a less curvy girl and you peep a curvier girl, there’s no need to hate on her or on yourself. Just know that you are both beautiful no matter what the differences. There’s no such thing as a “perfect body”, so don’t even stress it.

the different female body shapeslove-your-body-300x231

Don’t date your close friends (it’s really not worth it)

6268695b90b62ed22207cd17de8ea201<<<<<<<<<<————————– Stop.-Dont-Do-It.-Stay-Away.3                            We all have someone that we deeply care about. There’s always that one person that can put a smile on our face no matter what our mood is. That person that warms our hearts and pleases our souls. The person that has been riding with you since day one. A person that will always be there for you no matter what is going on between you guys. Atleast that’s how it seems. Ever have someone who you just want to say you love? Have you told that person your deepest secrets? Man, it almost seems like you guys will never fight. You guys are just so close!

They say all good things must come to an end. I have personally experienced something like this. If you ask me, it’s one of the most painful feelings in the world. It all happened so fast. It didn’t hit me until it REALLY hit me. It was over. Our friendship, our connection, our love for each other was gone. The crazy part is all this happened in a matter of months.

We go WAAYYYY back. All the way to when I was about 4 years old. I grew up with this person. We went to the same school all our lives. We always said we didn’t like each other, but deep down we loved each other. Back then it was more of a brother, sister love. It wasn’t until last year that we both caught strong feelings for each other. He gave me the butterflies and he always made me giggle. I never even thought that I could catch feelings for this person. But when I did, I told him and we started dating. Oh man, we had a thing. He made me feel like I was on top of the world and to him, I was his princess. I could never get him off my mind. He practically lived there. You could say he was my first love.

Unfortunately we broke up. It was upsetting because neither of us wanted to let go. A few weeks went past and we both confessed that we still had strong feelings for each other and that we missed being around each other. It was like not being with each other only made our feelings stronger and proved that we both were not willing to let go. The part that confused me was when we came back to school from summer vacation, it was like he didn’t even wanna be around me. I figured well he’s over me, let me just stop then. He had a history of playing with my emotions.

I started talking to other people. Of course I still had feelings for him, but I was trying to get him off of my mind. It was driving me crazy because the whole time I was talking to these other people, I really just wanted to talk to him. About a week later, I liked for a tbh (to be honest) on instagram. He gave me the most crappy, jerky, disrespectful tbh I have ever gotten from anybody in my entire life. He said in these exact words: “tbh idky no more tbh^^^^^text all these niggas👀💀😴buh thts none if my business. *Coughs* hoe😒and sorry for being to real. Had to get this off my chest”. It cut deep into my heart. I felt actual pain in real life. This person that I looked up to, this person I feel I would do anything for, this person I loved said this about me.

This was only a week ago. We went from being best friends, to each others “boo thang”, to nothing. Absolutely nothing. It still upsets me. It’s all I’ve been thinking about ever since. I feared it would happen before we even dated. I didn’t want a relationship to ruin our friendship.

Point of the whole story.. it hurts to lose close friends. It hurts to lose someone you care about period. It sometimes can cause physical pain. The hardest part is moving past it and letting that person that we love go. As much as I would love to hold on to him and give him the benefit of the doubt, at the end of the day he called me out my name. I would only make myself more upset. So, PLEASE, PLEEEASSEE, don’t date your close friends. It may seem great at the time, but if you and that person catch really strong feelings for each other but y’all don’t work out, it WILL destroy the friendship.